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Posted by BunnyHips - March 31st, 2017

Hi guys,

Do you want to know our objetives and upgrades that Megan & Claus will have in the new version? Check it out.

  • 4 new characters with conversations
  • Inventory System
  • A map with 3 locations to explore
  • Objects and puzzles with old graphic adventure's style
  • New music
  • Save system (maybe)
  • And a lot of gameplay inprovements

We're working really hard just for your entertainment, but remember. We're a really small team so we need your feedback and support in order to improve our work and hire more people. This is an ambitious and big project and your backing is the most important thing.

Check our Patreon if you like what we do: https://www.patreon.com/bunnyhips

And play our latest version here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/690067

Posted by BunnyHips - March 8th, 2017

Waiting for us this weekend...

Posted by BunnyHips - February 14th, 2017

We’re sorry for the long delay, but at last we are back! We look forward to tell you the news and start to work harder! We have a new artist who is expert in NSFW, you’ll know her soon, and thanks to her we have restarted Megan and Claus with a lot of improvements!

All our patrons in Patreon will be able to play the new version of Megan and Claus before the public release by March. The new version will have conversations more interactive, music and a lot of novelties.

Don't lose the news and share with your friends in order to inprove the game, and if you wanna play it before anyone else and support this proyect, you can do it in our fabulous Patreon.

Posted by BunnyHips - October 17th, 2016

Hey there!

I'm writting this post because we have some important news for you.

We've had some issues but don't worry, the project is still alive and it will be better than ever before!

We have a new artist replacing the old one, which means that the graphics are going to be a little different, but we'll work hard in order to have a style that pleases all of you.

The next release will be a little late due to this team member change, but I assure you that the extra time will come with a more quality game.

From BunnyHips we appreciate your support and we remind you that you can help us via Patreon. Let's make Megan & Claus a big project!

The BunnyHips Team.

Posted by BunnyHips - August 31st, 2016

Hi there!

Play the game here

What is Megan & Claus?

Megan & Claus: Through Dimensions is a point and click erotic game very humorous and with a very personal touch. Megan and her magical necklace Claus will be dragged into crazy worlds (from the Caribbean to the legendary Atlantis), where they will have to use ingenuity and sex to go back home. This ambitious project will have a solid argument, funny situations and quests, charismatic characters, a quality artistic design and in a foreseeable future, it will have animations.

Share the game and our patreon with your friends if you like it!


More Support = Better Game

Check our artist's profile too.

Thanks a lot! And please, since english isn’t our native language maybe it will be some mistakes, so forgive us!